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    - 1 google happy children project site, it is a product that contains information about the project, about the partner countries, the own educational systems, aspects of the professional mobility activities, the games and stories applied within the project, as well as the ways of evaluating and disseminating the activities.

    - 1 booklet that includes aspects regarding the importance of games and stories in children's development and 36 personal development games and 36 motivational stories applied in mobility activities that involve the use of creative and innovative methods and strategies, as examples of good practice, leading to children's well-being, following the theme of mobility activities: Emotional development in young children, Creativity in teaching and training, Integrated education of children with special educational requirements in each country, Involvement of parents in kindergarten in each country, Early nature. learning - using resources (games/stories) to inspire practice;

    - 1 good practice guide, which contains information about the mission and objectives of the project, the specifics of early education and the curriculum of each country, practical and theoretical aspects that follow the theme of mobility activities as well as examples of good practice - 6 representative stories from each country, taught simultaneously, with different methodology, and 6 personal development games created to reinforce the educational and motivational message of the stories. The last part of the guide contains the impact of project implementation at the level of each school;